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Setting up DWTDS App...

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

First, thanks so much for downloading our Fit by Wix mobile app for Dance With Travis Dance Studio. We will be adding more options and functionality to the app in the coming months, but, for now, let's get you started with what you can do now 😁

Note: If you have any questions at all about the app and how it functions or how to do something, please message Erica directly through the app chat and she can help you.

Let's go over the main screen:

#1: This is your user section. Tap that button and you will get a pop up that shows 3 options.

Top option is the name you registered with, with an arrow pointing to the right, tap that section and you will go to your profile. (More about that later again, below) Middle option is redundant, you are already a member. Last option shows your saved CC or gives you the option to save one, also option to delete account, and general Fit by Wix app help.

#2: This is your "chats" section. You can start a chat with any DWTDS app member who has not set all their info to 100% private. You can also start a group chat with several members at once. Only the member(s) you select will be able to see your chat and respond. Tap the (. . .) three dots in the upper right to edit your chat notification settings. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS WAY TO MESSAGE TRAVIS. He will not see it very quickly. Message Travis through option #6, see below. Message Erica directly for any APP/MEMBER/LOYALTY/WEBSITE related things.

#3: Tap this to view any notifications you have, also, once on the notification screen, tap the three dots to edit your notification settings.

#4: This is a total of all DWTDS App members that have not set all of their information to 100% private.

#4 cont...If you tap that, it will show you the list of members. There is no need to follow a member as there is nothing connected to that feature at this time.

#5: General Info will take you to DWTDS studio information, phone number, website, address, map, another chat link that will also get to Travis directly and is ok to use, mobile app code, member list, and social media links.

#6: This button is the way to start a chat message with Travis. Please only message him with Lesson/Class/DWTDS related things.

#7: This is the app menu bar. It scrolls left/right with your finger. You can see the latest news, read dance helps/info, see upcoming events, check your loyalty points, and buy lessons directly from the app. Any lessons purchased through the app, or when signed into our website will show up in your member profile so you will now have a record of all your transactions going forward.

#8: This notification area shows the most recent "push" notification that we have sent. To disable push notifications, see #3 above.

#9: This is the New App Members "How-To" which you found and are reading now! 😁

Now, more about your profile (see #1 on picture above). Once you tap that icon, and then choose the top option from the pop up box, you are taken to your member profile. You will see how your profile is currently set. The default we have chosen is that all info besides your first name, and the username you registered with cannot be seen by other members. You will also see a red button that say edit profile, click that and you can tailor all your info and privacy settings. The tab "my activities" in the middle of the screen will show you all the other options you have on the app. Some are not relevant at this time because the features have not been added. We will notify everyone as we add new features. Note that the "bookings" section is where you will see current and past scheduled lessons, and the "orders" is where you can view online or app purchases going forward.

Hope this helps you get started, again, please reach out if you have any questions! 😁


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