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Terms & Conditions

The following rules and restrictions apply to all lessons, classes and functions purchased and/or taken from Dance With Travis Dance Studio (referred to as DWT or DWTDS hereafter), including, but not limited to; ONLINE,  IN-STUDIO & OFF-SITE purchases.

1. There are no refunds for, including, but not limited to: introductory specials, private lessons, wedding lessons, multi-lesson packages, group lessons, group classes, clinics, choreography, gift certificates, and offsite private or studio group classes, unless otherwise noted on product page and/or in writing. There are no make-up lessons, classes, and/or any of the previous listed as no refunds if you do not show up, unless otherwise specified by the Owner.

(This does not apply to calls within 24 hours to reschedule or reasonable emergencies handled at the discretion of DWTDS.)

2. In-Studio Lessons/Classes must be cancelled 24 hours prior to scheduled lesson/class start time. Any lesson that is not canceled a MINIMUM of 24 hours prior to scheduled lesson/class start time will be charged to the student(s) account. (Emergencies will be handled at the discretion of DWTDS).  

3. Lessons expire 30 days from the date of the last lesson attended unless the absence is pre-arranged with DWTDS. Should you have a physical conflict with a written, verifiable, currently practicing physician's notice OR scheduling conflict preventing you from attending your lessons within your normal schedule, a lesson hold form extending the lesson expiration may be available upon DWT approval. Please note that in the event of an unforeseen temporary studio closure (ex. COVID)- it is the Student(s) responsibility to respond to/communicate with DWTDS in order to maintain the validity of unused lessons. ​

4. Lesson Payment(s): New Students: All lessons and classes are to be paid for prior to scheduling.  

Established Students: All lessons and classes must be paid for by the end of the lesson/class on the date taken. A minimum of 1 additional lesson will need to remain in students' account to retain priority scheduling for your lesson day & time, also to cover a missed lesson. (A two-week advance notice is required from students with standing/recurring lessons if you will be taking time off or decreasing the amount of your regularly scheduled lessons so DWT can adjust accordingly.)

5. Ages 18+ for all private lessons, classes & dance functions. Ages 12-17 may attend private lessons accompanied by a current student or adult that is the parent/legal guardian of the minor with prior permission from DWTDS.  

6. Conservative/Modest clothing is required at ANY function directly or indirectly related to DWTDS. Ladies must wear underwear under dresses and/or skirts and also dance briefs or dance shorts when performing.    

7. No alcohol, smoking, or vaping is allowed anywhere at/or on the premises of any DWTDS lessons, classes, or functions. (If you come to any lesson or class after having been drinking you will be asked to leave and will not have the missed class or lesson refunded.)

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