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COVID related Studio Update 9/24/22

Hi all,

We are no longer requiring masks or COVID vaccinations for our students to take lessons in Studio. Please note that you will not be allowed in the Studio to take your lesson if you have a fever or are sick or ill in any way.

You are ALWAYS welcome to ask Travis to "mask up" at your lesson (if he is not already- yes he is fully vaccinated, and yes, you are welcome to see his vaccine card- it's posted on the front door) and he will gladly oblige. 😷

We will post any new developments in this area. In the meantime, if you would prefer not to come into the studio, and would like a lesson, we can still teach by zoom, and, weather permitting, having a lesson outside at the park is also an option. Please feel free to contact us to see what we can work out to accomodate you!


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