“Best ballroom instructor I have had in last 12 years of dance instruction. His attention to detail and proper dance form as well as educating the student in dance knowledge is second to none. He doesn’t miss anything when teaching you and immediately spends time correcting those mistakes or improper habits so they don’t become more ingrained. He has undue patience to help struggling students do their best.I can’t recommend him any higher to any serious dance student.”-Alan H.

“It is so much fun to learn from Travis. I have been a student for over 8 years, He has taught me so much. And every bit of it continues to be a happy experience.”-Marilyn P.

“As a Professional Dance Instructor, his qualifications and professionalism are off the chart!! I would highly recommend him in any venture he undertakes.”-Peggy B.

“I started private lessons about a year ago. I am 72 and was completely inexperienced in ballroom dancing and I had no partner. Travis has a unique ability of identifying and working with each dancer where they are in their dancing journey. At the same time, he challenges each of us to improve as much as we can. The studio atmosphere, because of Travis, is light and entertaining. I found myself going to his community dances before I thought I was ready and was drawn to continue by his enthusiasm and his obvious desire to encourage everyone to dance. I could not be happier with what he has done for me. I intend to continue indefinitely.”-Marsha H.

“Travis is our dance teacher and has been for the last 15 years. He is especially good at creating each class specifically for us. He doesn’t just teach steps but form and musicality as well.”-Deanna R.

“Travis has greatly improved my dancing since I started taking lessons from him about two and a half years ago. He is excellent at working with dancers of all abilities and helping each of us to do our best.” -Don S.