Performing & Competitions

Performing is another way to further your dance training and experience. DWT puts on a yearly dance Showcase which features several choreographed dance routines in a variety of American and International style dances. These routines can feature a teacher-student, student-student, and even at times, teacher-student-student as well as group formations and sometimes teen routines. Travis choreographs each of the routines to be unique and tailored to the dance style, music choice and individual student(s). Each student works very hard and spends many hours preparing for the performance.

Competitions and Fun Trips are other services DWT offers. Travis specializes in taking beginning students to competition level. Specifically, ballroom dance competitions are held in and out of the United States and most of the ones that DWT attends are sponsored/governed by the National Dance Council of AmericaThe competitions are usually held at large hotels or resorts. They are designed to promote “first time competitors as well as the highest amateur and professional” standards of dancing. Competing is a fabulous way to show what you have been learning in your private lessons and test yourself against other dancers of your age and skill level from all around the country.