First Things First…

Interested in learning to dance? Not sure how to get started with DWT? Here’s how;

  1. Start with the Introductory Special. It’s a 45 min Private Lesson for a single or couple. The lesson will introduce you to two of the major ballroom dances and gives you a chance to see what you like about dancing, etc. (All of DWT’s lessons are pre-registered and paid for before scheduling.) You can register for the Introductory Special online HERE.
  2. Once you’ve registered, Travis will call you (usually within a few hours, depending on his schedule) to schedule your first lesson.
  3. Come to the studio, meet Travis and have fun taking your Introductory Special!


If you decide to continue dancing after the Intro Special;

  1. Sign up for the New Student Lesson package online HERE or directly with Travis in Studio.
  2. Schedule your lessons with Travis.
  3. Come to your lessons and the Friday Group Class and Dance to practice what you have been learning on your lessons.


And no matter what- Most Importantly- HAVE FUN!