1. Where is the studio located? Can I drop by anytime?  -Travis teaches at a private studio off Peerless Court in Bend. It is not open for general “drop-ins” as this would mean Travis was interupting ongoing lessons with students to chat with folks dropping in. While it would be great to answer questions, etc, it wouldn’t be fair to the student who paid for Travis’s time. As a new student, you will be given the address and directions to the studio when setting up your first lesson. Current Students are able to drop by during normal business hours when necessary and can even arrange times for extra practice.

2. I am a new student, do I need to call Travis to set up my first appointment? -You do not need to, but you certainly can. Once you have purchased lessons, Travis will contact you by the phone number and/or email address (if he can’t reach you by phone) to schedule your first lesson.

3. I am interested in taking dance lessons and am a complete beginner, how do I get started? -Check out our “Getting Started” section in the menu bar above, there are several things to help you. Begin with this page – “First Things First…”

4. Do I need a partner to take lessons?  -No. Singles and Couples are welcome.

5. Are there any expiration dates to lessons? – Yes. All lesson programs expire after 30 days of “non-use”. This means if you have lessons, and we hear nothing from you for 30+ days (no contact/response from you), your remaining lessons will be considered expired and void, and you will not be eligible for a refund.

6. Can I put my lessons on hold if I have a vacation, physical limitation or emergency? -Absolutely!! If you plan to be on vacation or out-of-town, have a medical issue that prevents you from dancing temporarily, or have an unexpected life emergency and you need to put your lessons on hold, simply let Travis know and he will put a lesson hold form in your records and your lessons will not expire during the “hold” time. If you need to extend the hold, be sure to let Travis know prior to the scheduled end date.

7. Are my lessons/ purchases refundable? -Some yes, some no. Introductory Specials, Series Classes, Gift Certificates, Choreography, Group Classes and Event tickets are non-refundable. Current private lessons are refundable provided they have not expired (as outlined above) and you request a cancellation/refund in writing.

8. What if I have to cancel a scheduled lesson? -We do not charge for emergency last-minute cancellations, or lesson cancellations made at least 6 hours prior to your scheduled lesson. If a lesson cancellation does not meet either of these requirements, you will be charged for the lesson (it will be considered “used/taken”)

9. Do I need to wear anything “special” for my lessons? -Yes and No. The main thing is you need to be comfortable in what you are wearing. You do not have to have dance shoes to take lessons, however, it WILL help immensely and you will be glad you have them once you do decide to buy them- however, until you get dance shoes, please be sure you wear shoes with a non-marking (no black) smooth sole, AND that the shoes fit you well and stay on your feet! Be aware of the type of clothing you are choosing to wear, in addition to requiring modesty (ladies- no low cut tops or super short skirts/dresses please), you should wear something comfortable that is easy to move in, and ladies,  if you are in a dress or skirt- raise your arms up and twirl around to make sure you aren’t exposing areas that should remain unexposed.

10. I’ve been taking lessons from a Fred Astaire (or) Arthur Murray Studio, is the curriculum the same? -Basically, yes. Travis started at a Fred Astaire Studio in Portland, OR.  He achieved his Associate Dance Director Certificate with Honors in the Fred Astaire System/Curriculum, and has spent many hours learning, teaching and competing with Fred Astaire D.S. Private Studios (not a chain studio such as A.M or F.A) are “governed” by the NDCA (National Dance Council of America) who decides/oversees curriculum, competitions, etc… All steps in the A.M. and F.A. systems are recognized by, and allowed by, the NDCA. You will find that though the exact name of a step or steps might be slightly different, the steps in each dance are still the steps in each dance- no matter where you are learning them.