Dance Links

Places to dance in Central Oregon: Since you are already on our website, you’re probably pretty familiar with what we do here at DWT! Following are other venues for dancing in the area.

Bend’s Community Center: Friday Night Group Class & Dance. $5 per person. 7-9:00 PM. (ON WINTER BREAK through March 2017)
Bend Tango: Information, classes, and events for Argentine Tango in Central Oregon.
Central Oregon Tango: Information and calendar of events for Tango in Central Oregon.

The following vendors are just some of the various places you can find dance related items online. DWT does not recommend any specific place more than the other (with the exception of Peggy Sue’s for dance shoes), as it depends on YOU, the individual, to find what works for you, what makes you happy when you are wearing it, what is comfortable, and what expresses your own sense of style. There is a wonderful seamstress we have worked with since 2001 who can help you with alterations, adjustments, and even create something for you from “scratch”. Let us know if you would like to get in touch with her. A fabulous resource, not listed here, is FELLOW DANCERS. You will get some of the VERY BEST information simply by talking to the wonderful people that make up the dance community in Central Oregon. And by all means, talk to Travis if you have questions! We’re happy to help.

Ballroom Dance Shoes: These are just a few options for ordering dance shoes online. (We do recommend you head to Peggy Sue’s Dance Store in Sisters for your dance shoes, especially if you have never worn dance shoes before.) As there are so many places to choose from, we’ve listed some of the more “unique” options first.

Comme il Faut: Argentine Tango dance shoes for men and women, made in Argentina. Everything you need for Swing dancing for Men and Women.
Dance Naturals: Italian made ballroom dance shoes for both men and women.
Supadance: One of the top companies for dance shoes, based in England.
The Glass Slipper: Dance shoe retailer in Portland, Oregon selling various brands of dance shoes & accessories.
Showtime Dance Shoes: Mens and Womens dance shoes.
Discount Dance Supply: Mens and Womens dance shoes.
Dance Shopper: Mens and Womens dance shoes.

Dance Wear: Note that the term professional dance wear you see below, in this context, will be referring to professionally designed competition wear.

Dance Shopper: Mens and Womens dance wear for practice to competition.
Notably Unique: Mens and Womens dance wear for practice to competitions, as well as shoes and accessories.
Rhythmic Rentals: Offers womens showcase and competition wear to rent and buy.
Tango Leva: Argentine Tango dance wear for women.
Tosca Dancewear: Mens and Womens dance wear.
Randall Designs: Professional costumes for Men and Women designed by Randall (some seen on Dancing with the Stars)
Chrisanne USA: One of the top designers for Mens and Womens professional dance wear, US store.
Dore’ Designs: Mens and Womens professional dance wear.
Onik Designs: Mens custom made dance tuxedos for International Standard and American Smooth.

Jewelry and Accessories: This is a short list as many of the places listed above that sell dance shoes and/or dance wear, also sell accessories, jewelry and more. Be sure to look around on the various websites to see what they have to offer.

Dance Shopper: Mens and Womens dance related accessories.
Dance Shopper: Womens dance related rhinestone jewelry- can custom order colors as well.
Dance Shopper: Womens dance related make-up.